Winter Break

It’s winter (Christmas?) break. Finally. And while it’s only 2 weeks of no classes, I can come home from work and just relax. Read. Watch TV. Because next term? It’s the real deal. 10-week term with two 3-credit classes. That’s a crap-ton of work. I don’t know how people with significant others and children manage their time effectively unless, perhaps, they’re rich and have nannies.

So, for now? Relax. Organize the stuff I’ve been piling up from the previous two classes. And continue figuring out a way to read articles and take notes online versus printing stuff out. Habits are hard to break. (The cost of printer ink and paper, though, is a good motivator!)

As for this blog nobody reads (which is okay; it’s a good outlet for me), I am going to make a concerted effort to post every Friday.

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