The Journey Starts

Starting school after a multiple-year break (I graduated with my master’s degree in 1993!) is a challenge. It’s a challenge that requires some temporary life changes. I’m fine with those changes… I just have to get used to them!

I have to study every day. Period. For at least an hour. Two or three, ideally. Work. Gym (if I can remain consistent). School. Relax a little. Sleep. Repeat. Weekends? Even more study time.

I have to change how I think. A doctoral program is not only about taking classes. It’s about critical thinking, inquiry, self-reflection, and research.

I have to learn new technologies. I don’t have to go to a university library and do research using physical journals and books. Everything is online. I still print stuff out, as my learned method of research involves highlighters and note cards.

I have to better balance life and work. And incorporate things that allow me to “de-stress.” The gym will help with that; I just need to go every day no matter how I feel. I still need to make time to talk to friends, watch tv, and listen to music.

Can I do it? Of course I can. I’ve wanted this since I started college in 1989. I’ve waited a long time. I just need to focus!

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