Mission, Vision, Values (Part 2)

Paper done. I probably put more effort into figuring out my mission, vision, and values than necessary. I looked at the MVVs for my current employer as well as my graduate program. I used a self-developed keyword analysis foundational system to provide direction. Below is what I came up with, and all are subject to frequent revision as I progress through the doctoral program.

My mission is to deliver accessible, relevant, evidence-based education and leadership to a diverse group of learners and practitioners.

My vision is to evolve into a quality leader and educator. I will provide quality and scholarly input regarding effective learning. Quality program delivery and retention of learned materials will be assessed using techniques appropriate for adult learners.

Understanding: Committed to understanding the needs of a diverse group of learners and leaders.

Accessibility: Committed to improved access to educational materials and personal support; includes networking with end-users, including leaders, allowing access to effective training, follow-up, and assessment.

Communication: Committed to ethical, honest, and quality interactions with all levels of end-users including students, peers, managers, and leaders.

Technology: Committed to implementing current technologies providing easy access to relevant, timely educational materials and improved learning retention.

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