LEAD 6001: Introduction to Advanced Studies — Done!

Huge Kudos to ACE (American College of Education) for having the first course be 1 credit. While the content was difficult and thought-provoking, the time given to slowly learn a new educational portal and online research resources was nice. While I’m not an expert with MyAthens (the library) yet, it is becoming easier to use. On my own, I chose Mendeley as my reference library management software (though I’ll have to upgrade space at some point). And I’ve learned more about PowerPoint (who knew?) and Captivate.

Technologies aside, the course content was perfect. I had to come up with a personal mission, a vision, and goal statements. I developed a more detailed learning philosophy. I started to narrow down my focus-of-study for my dissertation. I understand what value-added means.

All-in-all, a good experience, and I’m eager for future classes.

(And I got a 97% in this class. Can I keep that up? We’ll see. I need to focus less on grades — though I need As and Bs for all classes — and more on my personal development as a scholar-leader. And, no. The attractive man with the 97 t-shirt is not me.).

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