Dissertation Topics? (And Bloom).

Being in week 4 of class number one, it’s difficult to determine a dissertation topic this early in the program; however, having a foundation — even a flimsy one — is important. A starting point is necessary to promote thinking, assist in the research process, and enhance the final result. What’s the final result? Hopefully, in a few year’s time, a dissertation worthy of being published in an academic journal versus one that merely sits around online and serves no purpose. I want my time and effort to mean something and affect the industry (in this case, the hospital industry).

I won’t share my ideas yet. They need to be narrowed down.

As an aside, I found an amazing graphic representation of Bloom’s taxonomy developed by Heer (2012) and Iowa State University’s Center for Excellent in Learning and Teaching. Many graphical representation of Bloom’s taxonomy exist, and this is — by far — the best one I’ve seen to date. The PDF file is attached. Just click this link: Heer_2012_A Model of Learning Objectives



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