Bye-bye Mendeley

In an earlier post, I raved about Mendeley — a reference manager software. Well, it wasn’t what I needed, so I looked into EndNote. I paid for EndNote (over $100). It, also, was not what I wanted. I’m unsure why Zotero did not ping my personal radar, as it’s free. Robust. Has a better integration with Adobe Reader (to annotate PDF files). And — best of all — allows individual items to be tagged. As many tags as needed. (And they can be color coded!) The image below is a journal article (the PDF file is attached) along with two tags. The maroon tag is actually a “READ” tag, so I can keep track of items I’ve annotated. The yellow tag means this particular journal article attempts to define the term microlearning.

So. Ignore all previous posts about reference management software. And don’t spend your money if you don’t need to. Check out Zotero first.The link below (click on it to be taken to Amazon-US) is the most updated reference guide to Zotero. It’s an amazing reference.

For a link to the actual software, look in the Blogroll section in the right sidebar. You can’t miss it.

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